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Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) posted a net income of Php1.5 billion for the first three months of 2014, 61% lower than the Php4.0 billion earned a year ago,largely on account of the exceptionally high trading gains in the same quarter last year. Net interest income improved by 25% to Php2.6 billion, on the back of the 43% expansion in average levels of earning assets coupled with the continuous reduction in average funding costs.  Service charges, fees and commissions similarly increased by 73% to Php0.9 billion, driven primarily by the strong loan releases of the newly acquired CitySavings Bank. read more
For the fifth consecutive year, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) registered a record-high net income of Php9.0 billion in 2013, 19% higher than the Php7.6 billion earned the previous year. Net interest income surged by 22% to Php8.9 billion underpinned by the robust expansion of earning assets. Similarly, other income rose by 17% to Php12.6 billion principally due to the surge in service charges, fees and commissions attributed to loan bookings of CitySavings. read more
Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) issued today its debut offering of Long-Term Negotiable Certificates of Deposits (LTNCDs) in local currency, raising a total of Php3.0 billion. The fixed rate LTNCDs carry a coupon of 3.50% per annum, which is payable quarterly beginning January 18, 2014. The maturity date of the LTNCDs is on April 17, 2019. The net proceeds of the issuance will be utilized to improve the Bank’s deposit maturity profile and support business expansion plans. read more
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July 10, 2014

The local pair plunged in the first half of trade printing fresh YTD lows of Php43.230, swayed by technical movements. However profit takers took over trading with the help of suspected oil demand. Their combined strength slowly pushed USD/PHP above Php43.300 in the afternoon and closed it at the day highs of Php43.380 (incidentally yesterday’s high). A follow up rally tomorrow is possible to as much as Php43.510 (key support turned resistance) until the demand is filled.


BUYING: 43.150 | SELLING: 43.850
July 11, 2014

Philippine Peso Fixed Income 2014-07-10
242.290737 0.390000% 0.180000%
Dollar Bond 2014-07-10
1.964885 3.030000% 4.950000%
Peso Balanced Fund 2014-07-10
153.683723 12.610000% 13.110000%
Large Cap 2014-07-10
768.609663 16.280000% 15.450000%
Peso Short Term Fixed Income 2014-07-10
130.441834 0.210000% -0.060000%
Long Term Fixed Income 2014-07-10
125.274378 -1.380000% -2.540000%
Intermediate Term Fixed Income 2014-07-10
151.271459 0.290000% 2.750000%
Infinity Prime 2014-07-10
150.496909 0.370000% 0.650000%
Tax Exempt 2014-07-10
172.234068 1.230000% 2.060000%
Dividend Play Equity 2014-07-10
100.907281 0.910000% 0.910000%
Philippine Equity Index Tracker Fund 2014-07-10
101.849040 1.850000% 1.850000%

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