Presenting The UnionBank Corporate Credit Card

The UnionBank Corporate Card Program is designed to help manage your business and employees’ expenses. In this program, credit cards are issued to your nominated employees who incur expenses while doing business on your behalf. These expenses include travel, entertainment, and procurement. The program also provides you access to valuable information to allow you to view & analyze card spend in the program.


Comprehensive Expense Management

Your Corporate Card Program includes a web-based system supported by VISA that allows you to automate expense reporting & management processes. It provides you with a consolidated view of all the expenses of cardholders enrolled in the program, even cash transactions.

The system allows you to tailor-fit reports according to how you want to analyze your data. What’s more, your reports can be exported to excel or pdf that can be integrated with your existing accounting and other enterprise systems.

This system is available 24x7 and very simple to use due to its intuitive and interactive interface. It also requires no additional investment from you - - all you need is a web browser.


Global Acceptance & Benefits

The Corporate VISA Credit Card issued to your employees is accepted in over 29 million establishments worldwide. In using the card, they enjoy discounts & privileges offered by our merchant partners and VISA Commercial Global Partners.

Cash Advance access in over 1.2 million ATMS so your employees feel more secure by eliminating their need to carry so much cash with them when they travel.

When it comes to travel, your employees enjoy the convenience of the free access to Club Manila Lounge at the NAIA I Terminal and peace of mind because of the built-in travel insurance provided when the card is used to pay for their airfare.


Customize You Card

Corporate Identity

Because we know you value your brand, we offer you the option to have your brand image or logo printed on the face of each card at no extra cost to you.

Rebates or Rewards?

Turn your expenses into savings! With your employees’ UnionBank Corporate Credit Card, you’re not just making your company’s expense management easier and more cost effective. You also enjoy 0.5% cash rebates from their card spending which will be credited back to you every year. What’s more, you pay the lowest annual fee in the market and the lowest cash advance fee: P 1,500 per card and 2.9% respectively.

If you prefer to reward your employees instead of availing of the rebates, every P 20 spend on their Corporate Credit Cards will earn them 1 rewards point. The accumulated rewards points allow them to redeem the rewards of their choice such as free gas, free plane ticket, free dining or shopping!