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Kabayan Remittance Pte. in Singapore Promotes UnionBank’s Pinoy Money Card



Kabayan Remittance Pte. Ltd., one of the top remittance companies in Singapore, is promoting UnionBank’s Pinoy Money Card among overseas Filipino workers in Singapore. A subscriber of UnionBank’s Pinoy Money Card and Union Payout facility, Singaporean-owned Kabayan has been using the facility to remit online and in real time to the Pinoy Money Cardholders/beneficiaries in the Philippines. Kabayan’s advertisement billboard in front of Lucky Plaza in Singapore is shown in the photo. Aside from remittance, Kabayan is also in the restaurant and travel agency businesses.

The Pinoy Money Visa Card is a remittance, ATM and Visa debit card that a Filipino working overseas can get for his beneficiary’s use in the Philippines or for his personal use. The card can be used to withdraw money from all ATMs in the Philippines and Visa PLUS ATMs all over the world, as well as to buy goods and services from Visa merchants in the Philippines and globally. Overseas Filipinos can remit funds to the Pinoy Money Cards of their beneficiaries through UnionBank’s network of remittance company/financial institution tie-ups around the world. For inquiries about the Pinoy Money Card, one may send an email to customer service.