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Fun and Laughter at UnionBank’s Fambam Day 2016

By Aicone De Vera – ARG Joint Venture Management
Photos by Aicone De Vera & Dave Deang – Marketing Services

Nearly 500 UnionBankers together with their families attended the recently concluded 2nd FAMBAM DAY which was held at the Ultra Track Oval in Pasig City last June 04, 2016. It was indeed a day of joy, fun, laughter and friendly competition as the sunny skies and warm weather paved the way for a successful event.

Four teams competed for this year’s title as the 2016 Fambam Day Team Champion. These teams were comprised of the INTEGRITY GOLD from the Office of the Chairman/CEO, Retail Banking Center, Commercial Banking Center, Channel Management Center and Human Resource; The EXPERT RED from the  Office of the President/COO, Trading POS and Fund Management Center and members of Channel Management Center; The MAGIS BLUE composed of Transaction Banking Center, Corporate Banking Center, Consumer Finance Center and some members of Channel Management Center and UBUNTU GREEN composed of Branch Operations and some members of Channel Management Center.

Our EVP & Channel Management Center Head Angelo Dennis L. Matutina welcomed everyone with his encouraging message that ended with “The Family that plays together, stays together.” SVP & HR Director Michaela Sophia E. Rubio provided the opening remarks for the game proper with her energetic and supportive message.

UnionBankers and their families were treated to a variety of cuisines and snacks to maintain their energy for the competition battles they faced. There were also amusement and entertainment booths placed throughout the venue that delighted the FamBam participants while they waited for their turn to play the games. Kids definitely enjoyed their ice cream and “taho” (tapioca pearls) servings while they had their faces painted with different animated characters and played with their balloon toys. Adults, meanwhile, visited the various booths that offered different products and services they can sample.

All four teams gave their all on the games that were conducted (Family Sack Race, Egg Throwing and Catching, Mommy and Daddy of the Day, Bet on your Baby, Food Relay and Carry the Queen). When the accumulated points were tallied for each team, all four teams’ overall scores were near each other. Thus, the deciding factor of who should be the Team Champion rested with the Tug of War game, the last and final game of the event.

On the semi-final round of the Tug of War, Ubuntu Green defeated Integrity Yellow while Expert Red championed over Magis Blue. To determine the third and fourth place, Magis Blue and Integrity Yellow faced each other in their final match where Magis Blue emerged as the winner for the third place. It was a make or break game for the top two teams Ubuntu Green (with 44 points) and Expert Red (with 46 points). It was announced that the champion will get 10 points while the second place will receive 7 points in their overall score.

Both Ubuntu Green and Expert Red teams put their game face on and strategically positioned their bodies with arms firmly on the rope and their legs correctly implanted on the rubberized track. As the umpire whistled the start of the final match, both teams pulled the rope aggressively towards each other’s sides with the rest of the Unionbankers exploding with cheers. No one from the two teams wanted to taste defeat and heaved their group to the winner’s side. Suddenly, the Ubuntu Green players fell on the ground, which made the Expert Red players took this advantage and pulled the rope harder to their side until they succeeded in roping in Ubuntu Green making them the eventual Fambam 2016 Team Champions!

Raffle prizes were also given during the breaks and before the awarding ceremonies. These ranged from grocery and school supply gift checks, picnic and outdoor adventure equipment and gears and hotel accommodations for the entire family. Winners from the different games were awarded sports jugs while the Team Champion took home Php10,000.00 plus stuffed toys.

“This was my first time to join UnionBank’s Family Day and it was indeed a lucky and memorable day not just for me but also for my husband and my two kids. We participated on the games and really enjoyed it. Thank you to UnionBank and congratulations to the organizers of this event,” gushed Anne Baello-Centino from Loans and Trade Finance Operations Management, the winner of the Grand Prize in the Raffle Draw.

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