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UnionBankers join 2nd Metro Manila Shake Drill

UnionBankers participated in the second Metro Manila Shake Drill 2016 conducted by MMDA last June 22, 2016.

At the strike of 9 AM, the building sirens sounded off inside the 48-storey UnionBank Plaza. All employees and tenants of the building took part in doing the basic earthquake drill of Duck, Cover, and Hold. After this, everyone evacuated the building by proceeding to the building’s emergency exits and going down the emergency stairwell in an orderly manner.

For the floors where there are UnionBank business units, an assigned Emergency Response Team (ERT) ensured that everyone on that floor followed the exercise.

Outside the building, the employees queued at their respective floor assignments where attendance was checked. Other establishments and buildings in the Ortigas area also cooperated in the metro-wide earthquake drill. The exercise is MMDA’s initiative to ensure preparedness, increase everyone’s awareness to survive, and assist potential victims.

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