Who We Are

We are a dynamic and caring team of bold, smart and engaged experts committed to make the difference for our customers, shareholders, community and UnionBankers by creating meaningful experiences and innovative services and solutions thereby converting our customers into advocates.


Anchored on UnionBank’s DNA and core values, we at UnionBank make the difference in the careers and lives of our employees so that we can make the difference to our customers, co-workers, and the community.

Our brand attributes are Relevant, Expert, and Challenging Convention.


This is what we call SmartBanking or our brand promise.


We want talented individuals who understand how to meet the needs of our customers, are committed to develop their skills and talents, and are able to think out of the box.


We want to speak to talented individuals with integrity who will help us deliver our ambitions across all locations and multiple disciplines


At UnionBank, you will definitely experience meaningful work that is relevant to your career goals, master your skills to hone your expertise, and feel an open culture that develops a mindset of innovation.

We provide products that are relevant to our customers.


We have established our expertise in key areas in the banking industry.


We think creatively in introducing product and process innovations.


Elevating Lives and Fulfilling Dreams

We Dare to Achieve. We Dream to Inspire. We Forge the Future. We MAKE DA DIFF!

Our Core Values


Integrity is being honest and truthful in one’s own actions. It is regarded as being internally consistent in one’s virtue of upholding moral and ethical standards.


We at UnionBank practice integrity by Delivering on our Promises, Practicing Fairness and Owning Up to Actions & Consequences.


Magis is a Latin word that means “more” or “better.” It refers to the philosophy of doing more for others. It is an aspiration and inspiration.


We at UnionBank practice Magis by Doing More, Doing Better and Doing Greater.


Ubuntu originated from South Africa that means “human kindness” or “humanity towards others.” Philosophically, it means the belief in the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity or community building.


We at UnionBank actively engages communities because we believe that a person becomes genuinely human when he belongs.