We engage our people

We drive engagement through leadership.


In UnionBank, we value employee engagement. We believe that leaders drive engagement and the employee opens up oneself to be engaged.


The Bank makes its employees feel valued, motivated, and emotionally connected through its various engagement programs.

Celebrating Heroes and

Champions Program


The Celebrating Heroes and Champions Program aims to honor UnionBankers who have exemplified passion for excellence through extraordinary, breakthrough performance, and contributions that are linked to the UnionBank values, vision, strategy, and delivery of the UnionBank Brand Promise

UCare Program


UCare is an employee-focused program driven and designed by UnionBankers for their fellow UnionBankers. It is a key enabler of the Bank’s strategic initiative of employee engagement whose primary goal is the holistic growth and development of the employees by engaging their bodies, (HealthyU), minds (SmartU), hearts (SecureU), and spirits (HappyU). It also aims to establish camaraderie among the UnionBank’s employees to encourage self-improvement beyond the workplace and ultimately to support the Bank’s purpose of elevating lives.

HealthyU AM crew checks out 360 Fitness, KB & circuit drills done!