"DNA Stories with JAO is a unique UnionBank program that recognizes UnionBankers who have gone beyond the call of duty and have lived the Bank's values. JAO personally visits UnionBankers across the country to celebrate their stories"

Karen's DNA Story.

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Karen Lynde Q. Tee

One day, RBC-Business Manager Karen Lynde Tee received a most curious call. A client asked her to meet him at a nearby fast-food joint, saying that he had an urgent request which he would disclose when they would meet. What happens next is a surprising story of our realities as bank employees and how we can keep our integrity and stand our ground.

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Ar-en's DNA Story.

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Ar-en L. Ledesma

On a seemingly ordinary day, a branch client suddenly collapsed to the floor and started jittering, mouth foaming. Everyone stood in shock, unable to do anything. Fortunately, one UnionBank hero knew exactly what to do.

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Pauline's DNA Story.

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Pauline Angelie Mae A. Soriaga

In July 2016, Pauline met a client who badly needed to have his paycheck encashed. The man did not even have enough money to pay for his fare home. Unfortunately, he had no valid ID, save for an NBI clearance he left at home. Find out how she went the extra mile to help him.

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"Just Say No"

Story of Karen Lynde Q. Tee

Business-Manager-Dasmarinas Binondo Branch

One ordinary day, I received a phone call from one of my clients. Having not hearing from him in a while, I picked up the phone immediately. He asked me to meet him in front of a popular fast food chain near the branch that day. Curious as to why he called me out of the blue, I asked what he would like us to talk about. He gave me a very enigmatic reply, telling me that he would disclose everything when we meet. This client was a nice person, so I agreed to the meeting.

There I saw him standing outside the restaurant's front door and looking determined-agitated even-as if he was focused on a plan. Approaching him with a friendly smile, I asked if we should go inside the restaurant to talk.

"No need, this won't take too long, Karen," he said.

He proceeded to tell me that he needed my help. He wanted me to open an account for his friend, a favor which I had already refused. His friend's IDs looked fraudulent so I declined his application at once. I was feeling indignant at his second attempt. Despite my rising frustration, I apologized and said that it was not possible. Then he suddenly shoved an envelope into my hands. I was surprised and asked what it was. He said it was a "token of his appreciation" for providing him with good service. When I opened the envelope, it contained a bundle of cash. Trying my best to hide the shock on my face, I immediately returned the envelope to the client. I politely told him that it was unnecessary. He insisted but I firmly rejected the offer and told him that we are not allowed to accept gifts. When he insisted for the third time, I firmly told him that this would not change my mind. I stood my ground and politely excused myself, telling him that I needed to another meeting.

I knew that exchanges like this are the realities when you work in a bank. It is in the moment like this that I'm grateful for the values that Unionbank instills in us. Through INTEGRITY, we are able to distinguish what is right from what is wrong, and most of all it always guides us to choose the former.

"First to Aid"

Story of Ar-en L. Ledesma

Sales and Service Assistant-Dasmarinas Binondo Branch

It was an ordinary day in Dasmarinas Branch. The fray of bank transactions, the to and fro of clients, the buzzing phone calls, and the humming of machines sounded like an orchestra of the daily grind. We, the staff, were all busy wrapping up as the 3 pm began to tick. Suddenly, a loud "Bang!" was heard from the SSA desks. At first, I thought it was just an equipment that fell from the desks, Upon closer inspection, I saw a man sprawled on the floor with his whole body stiff and jittering! His eyes rolled to the back of his head and short jolts surged through his body, while his mouth was foaming with a mix of sweat and saliva. We were terrified; nobody could move.

Our SSA Ar-En Ledesma, who just finished her transaction, was first to react. Running to the pantry to get a spoon and some tissue, she hurried to the client and place the spoon into his mouth so that he would not bite his tongue. After wiping the froth from his mouth, she managed to move his hands so that he would not hurt his palm. Ar-En was the only person who was alert and quick-minded enough to help while everyone stood frozen. Displaying first-aid expertise, she looked like a professional at work. As the client continued to convulse on the ground, she quickly instructed our utility staff to assist her. A few minutes after, the client stopped jittering. His breathing became normal as he went into a sleep-like state lying on the floor.

While the rest of us remained in total shock at what happened, Ar-En collected the client's belongings and waited for him to wake up. When the client roused from his position, Ar-En was quick to help the client stand up. She gave him a glass of water as we recounted to him what had happened. He could barely speak, probably trying to remember everything as well. After his transaction, he gave a quick nod as if to say he was leaving the branch. Despite not receiving thanks from the client, Ar-En shared that she did not really expect anything in return. The only thing she wanted to be sure of was for the client to be well and all right.

It is people like Ar-En-someone who is quick on her feet, selfless, and calm under pressure-who proved that Unionbankers are capable of doing more, better, and greater for their clients. This is MAGIS personified.

"No Valid ID"

Story of Pauline Angelie Mae A. Soriaga

SSA, St. Francis Shangri-La Place

This story happened on a Friday at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon in July 2016. During Fridays, marami ang tao at mahaba ang pila sa aming branch. Dahil nadin sa extended banking hours, marami ang client lalo pag sarado na ang ibang branches. But generally we try to be prepared and handle the situation as best as we can.

It was a very busy day when a large group of payroll clients, around 50 of them, went inside our branch to encash their paychecks. Usually they would go to our branch because we close at 6:00PM.

In most cases, some of them would have sufficient valid IDs. A particular guy was next in line, so I called him and ask about his transaction. He also wanted to encash his paycheck, but all he had was an expired Driver's License, an unlaminated Philhealth ID, and his agency ID which were all considered invalid IDs. He explained that he went to the maintaining branch of his agency in Shaw Mandaluyong, but it was already closed. He insisted to get his money, or else he would not be able to go home that day. I knew that it was my job to accommodate his transaction according to the necessary standard policies and procedures of the bank. I needed to ensure that he had a proper identification documents and that the person encashing the check and the name of the payee are one and the same.

The client added that he had an NBI Clearance at home in Pasig, but since he had no money left in his wallet for his fare, he couldn't get the NBI Clearance. I gave the client Php 70.00 from my own pocket, so he would be able to go home and present his valid ID. The client came back at past 5pm because of heavy traffic. He had with him his NBI Clearance; thus, I was able to process his transaction and he was able to get his hard-earned money.

More than the transaction, he thanked me for giving him money for his fare. He insisted to pay me back that day despite my refusal to receive the amount. He was so grateful for my kindness. I also felt good that I was also able to follow the procedures, accommodate his transaction, and guarantee his identification at the same time. MAGIS and INTEGRITY, at your service!

Employee Engagement

An inspired and energetic workforce is our top priority. We seek tangible ways to measure engagement and quantify its impact on our overall business performance. We also carefully design employee engagement programs that enrich our policies and sharpen our strategies.

Beyond metrics, we give our managers ample room to flex their creative muscles. Our employees, meanwhile, are given the right tools to succeed and follow their dreams.

107 departments at UnionBank exceeded the Gallup Global Best Practice Score of 4.41

For 2017, a total of 107 departments at UnionBank exceeded the Gallup Global Best Practice Score of 4.41 based on our Aboitiz Culture and Engagement Survey held last May.

This means our top units belong to the 75 th percentile of the Gallup Global Database as among the most engaged business teams in the world.

Career Development

Building a technology company with banking facilities opens a wide range of opportunities for UnionBankers to define their own career journeys beyond traditional banking structures.

UnionBank is firm in its commitment to future-proof talent through constant functional and digital enablement, up-skilling, and retooling initiatives that are informed by the following principles:

  • Learning addresses the current needs of a digital workforce and organization
  • Learning prepares employees' for future roles and bigger responsibilities across the organization
  • Learning is accessible in formats and methodologies that support on-demand and effortless learning that drives employee growth and innovation

In the area of leadership, the Bank's programs apply to all UnionBankers and not only those in managerial roles.

Democratizing learning to reach every bend of the organization, UnionBank University, the official training arm of the bank, utilizes cloud-based systems to manage and deliver the enablement requirements of the Bank by making learning available on-demand. This means that the employee's learning experience is not confined in the classroom, a set time, or location. UnionBankers are able to expand their knowledge and expertise in diverse areas at their leisure and through any device.

UnionBank University also offers varying learning solutions such instructor-led, virtual- classroom, self-paced, and e-Learning through its nine (9) Academies: 1) Leadership and Management Academy; 2) Self-Mastery; 3) Digital and Innovation Academy; 4) Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma Academy; 5) Sales Academy; 6) Marketing Academy; 7) Finance Academy, 8) Operations Academy; and 9) Operations Academy.

In addition to this, UnionBank University hosts a quarterly Leaders Learning Circle masterclass that brings global experts and thought leaders together. In 2017, the University invited Masterclass Leader and TEDx Presenter Annicken Day; award-winning CEO Hamish Taylor; and international best-selling author from Harvard and MIT Sangeet Paul Choudary.

For 2017, 100% of UnionBankers attended at least one training program and spent an average of 31.47 hours learning, embodying the Bank's commitment to growing leaders, building expertise, and innovating businesses.

Work-Life Balance

Is work-life balance really an elusive corporate myth, often talked about but rarely seen?

While admittedly difficult to achieve in today's highly competitive business landscape, we still believe that employers should do whatever they can to give employees a balanced life.

At UnionBank, we believe that our ability to express genuine care and empathy towards our clients start from within.

We therefore support the personal and family responsibilities of our employees, as this will result in our ability to attract and retain the best talents.

At UnionBank, we believe that our ability to express genuine care and empathy towards our clients start from within.

UCare is our banner program to achieve this harmonious balance between our people's work and personal lives.

UCare is a comprehensive program that seeks to address all aspects of well-being. It covers the following themes: Physical Fitness & Well-being (Healthy U); Intellectual Growth & Satisfaction (Smart U); Financial Security & Peace of Mind (Secure U); and Emotional & Spiritual Health (Happy U).

Under UCare, UnionBank designs a host of fun athletic activities that energize our employees and strengthens teamwork across the company. In 2017, we mounted various sports activities, such as badminton, bowling, chess and volleyball tournaments. We also treated employees to special events, such as our Valentine's Day and Halloween Spooktakular fests.

Employee Volunteerism

In tapping the talent and enthusiasm of our employees beyond the workplace, we create service opportunities that benefit both our external communities and our business.

Service or volunteer programs add value to the Bank not only for our sustainability drives. They also enhance our people's leadership and community development skills. They inspire innovation and creative thinking. And they contribute to employee satisfaction and retention.

Our Go Beyond Communities and Go Beyond Appeals for Help are two of our biggest service programs that seek to ignite the spirit of giving among our ranks.

In tapping the talent and enthusiasm of our employees beyond the workplace, we create service opportunities that benefit both our external communities and our business.

We launched Go Beyond Communities in May 2014 as a keystone of UnionBank's CSR efforts. It is a community-centered volunteer program that our employees themselves propose, design, and implement. It focuses on four key areas: environment, education, employment and livelihood, and inclusion.

Go Beyond Appeals for Help, meanwhile, strengthen our sense of camaraderie by enabling fellow UnionBankers to offer monetary support to colleagues who are going through tough times.

Employee Recognition Awards

Integral to our employee engagement process is the recognition of outstanding work. Aside from our well-established Service Awards, which honor longstanding employees, we have also established other award bodies for various aspects of performance.

Our Heroes and Champions Award, for instance, are given to select UnionBankers who have brought groundbreaking solutions for our clients. Our Sales Overachievers, meanwhile, regularly honor branches and employees that strengthen our bottom line through innovative sales strategies and programs.

Integral to our employee engagement process is the recognition of outstanding work.


UnionBank develops future leaders who will lead the Bank to enduring greatness.

The Leader-Executive Accelerated Development or LEAD MT Program is designed to prepare the Bank's pool of management trainees for the next major step-up in the organization.

The program follows a robust learning program as well as on-the- job exposure with business units, supplemented by a support network through coaching and mentoring.

Altogether these enable the LEAD MT to do more, do better, and do greater in terms of performance and individual development. UnionBank recruits the best talents and develops them from within to eventually enable the LEAD MTs to hold a key position and boost the Bank's leadership pipeline.

UnionBank develops future leaders who will lead the Bank to enduring greatness.

UnionBank makes Stevie history as first bank to win Gold Employer prize

NEW YORK, USA, September 22, 2017 - UnionBank made history today at the Marriott Marquis for becoming the first bank to win the coveted Stevie Gold Award for Employer of the Year.

The Stevie Awards for Great Employers is one of the seven top Stevie categories that recognize the world's best companies, HR teams, leaders, programs, and suppliers that create and drive great workplaces globally.

A 10-person panel of experts from the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East-led by Ms. Ivonne Roca, EVP for HR of The Word Brown Companies, California, USA-bestowed the coveted prize on UnionBank.

Regarded as the "Oscars" of international business, the Stevie Awards has been honoring outstanding achievements in various professional spheres since 2002.

With this award, UnionBank joins the ranks of global corporate giants such as McAfee, Cisco, Samsung Electronics, Deutsche Telekom, and Hormel Foods USA, among other luminaries.

Sustainability Learning Sessions

Sustainable development is one of the loftiest goals of our time, and yet many people still do not have a concrete idea of what it means.

Is it all about climate change and energy efficiency? Is it synonymous with Corporate Social Responsibility? How can sustainability be good for both the bottom line and our external communities?

To shed light on the myriad issues affecting sustainability today, UnionBank established a program called Sustainability Learning Sessions. Here, all of our employees are given the chance to attend lectures from leading sustainability experts to learn how sustainability can be clearly and strategically practiced in their daily work and lives.

In 2017, WELL-accredited professional of The Purpose Business Faye Hugo, civil society expert Chris Morris of the Asian Development Bank and Nestle Vice President Jesus Reyes delivered practical and concise lectures on workplace wellness, social development and responsible procurement for our employees.

These forums enriched our understanding of sustainability and inspired us to fine-tune our daily work towards concrete sustainability targets.